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The Department of Veterans Affairs, Austin Automation Center, in partnership with VAs Office of Acquisitions, has created BuyIT.Gov, a Federal Acquisition Center specializing in the procurement of information technology (IT)-related services and products for the Federal Government. BuyIT.Gov is authorized under the Government Management Reform Act (GMRA) to provide acquisition services within the Federal Government on a fee-for-service basis.

The VA
s BuyIT.Gov acquisition staff, located in Austin, Texas, consists of a dedicated cadre of Senior Contracting Officers who specialize in the complex arena of IT acquisitions. Our mission is to be the IT acquisition service provider of choice for the Federal Government.

BuyIT.Gov has awarded ten contracts under its
GITSS, or Global Information Technology Support Services, initiative. BuyIT.Gov will use GITSS and other IT-related contracts to serve its customers. Additionally, BuyIT.Gov will offer all customers the option of developing contracts specifically for their unique mission objectives.

BuyIT.Gov Contracting Officers have unlimited contracting authority and are specialists in the area of IT services, software acquisitions, and the related intellectually property rights issues that accompany such procurements. Consequently, the contracts created by BuyIT.Gov will offer customers a streamlined acquisition approach while retaining for the customer all of the data and other rights to meet their needs. In addition to the superior procurement skills of the Contracting Officers, BuyIT.Gov also enjoys unparalleled technical support from the AAC, the VA
s largest data processing center.

We at BuyIT.Gov understand that our job is one of public trust as well as customer service. Our approach to meeting the customer
s procurement needs combines expert knowledge of streamlined acquisition techniques with specialized business acumen to deliver timely acquisitions that provide enforceable, mission-driven procurements. To cover operating expenses, BuyIT.Gov charges nominal fixed fees for our services that are among the lowest in Government. In fact, when you consider the cost savings that we generate through aggressive market research and negotiation, our services often pay for themselves.

As a final note, remember, every contract action we perform for you helps serve our nation
s veterans. Thats because all the revenue earned through providing our services helps to offset VAs operating expenses. This allows VA to provide more funding to, as Abraham Lincoln said, care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan.

Reviewed/Updated: October 1, 2003

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